This isn't to go against others. We all believe what we believe. This is simply some things that spoke out to me. 

Something I'd have liked to have heard. Read through it, follow your conscience. It is your choice what you do with this.

Prayer to say before reading this article-

Lord, I know you are God of all, Creator, Redeemer, Saviour, and Lord.

Surely, God of Abraham and Isaac,

Surely, God of St Paul, and Jesus,

Surely, Lord of Lords, God of Gods,

Protect me as I read this article, let me not read only what it's author intended,

But rather gain what you want me to gain, and obey you as you Truly are.



I must ask you one simple question, if you truly believe that the Catholic church is not what it says it is, if you do not follow the Tradition (teachings passed down verbally by the apostles) of the Catholic church, or believe that it is not the fullness, original, and Truth of the Christian faith, that is infallible, and perfect, even though it contains sinners.


Truly, if you do not realize that the bible came from tradition, not the tradition from the bible, yet that these two are one testimony, unable to contradict, true in all, when interpreted as the church sets out, surely, then do you truly desire God's will in your life? If you do, then pray to him about the Catholic question, ask him to purify all falsehood, all wrongness, all sin, all inequity, all hatred, all doubt (doubt of what is right, it is correct to doubt what is not right) from your soul, your mind, your heart, your body.


 Ask him to show you His way, above your own way. Ask Him to give his way through, and show you the real, unadulterated, absolute, infallible truth. The truth of love, of loving even enemies, the truth of faith, in believing the message of God, the truth of Authority, of Obeying God through His servant Church.


Surely, if the movie Luther, or the claims of so many other persons are true of the Catholic church, then, Jesus must have lied when he said that the Gates of Hell would not overcome His church, when he told Peter that he (Peter)  was the rock on which he built his church. Surely, to be followed by - whatever you loose on earth will be loosed on heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound on heaven and again - I give you all authority under heaven and earth!

Why, I must ask, would Jesus have set out his wording as such. Are you so blind as to not see that Peter took charge of the Apostles, and the church, after Jesus' Death, that Peter and the Apostles had a binding word, that they could decide what was right by God and his Spirit.


Surely, when the Circumcision Heresy combated the church, then Paul (formally Saul) and others were sent to the twelve, and the leaders in Jerusalem, who, along with James, and Peter, who are especially mentioned, make a binding Judgment, and even claim the assistance of the Holy Spirit in their own decisions. Surely, the same proof of the Trinity, when Annanias and his wife lied to Peter, that they had given the church all the money from a property sale, did not Peter say that they had not lied to men, but to the holy Spirit, and therefore they had lied to God. Does Peter claim to be God, no, but he does claim to be his earthly authority.


 Herod was eaten by worms for not reprimanding people who said he spoke with the voice of God. Peter did not encounter any problems with his own claim. The Apostle Paul, in the written word, as Peter did with spoken word, also proved that he, a man, spoke with the Authority of God, for God spoke via him, and the other Apostles.


The only point on which the Sola Scriptura myth could ever stand, is if Peter did not appoint a successor, yet this is just as foolish a claim.


 Peter did make a successor. Surely, if they replaced Judas when Judas died by his own hand, then why not replace the person placed in charge of the church. Those who do not know the truth about the Gospel and the Holy Roman Catholic church, yet seek the truth and do the will of God as best they can, as they have been shown it, can be saved, not because of ignorance, but because of their desire to serve God, as the Catechism says (it can be assumed that they would have desired baptism if they had known the necessity of such), yet if you know the truth and reject the Testimony of God, and his church, if you leave the Holy church of God in full knowledge of its necessity, then how is it that you can not shiver in fear of what God will do to you. Surely, did not God destroy those who followed Moses into the desert, despite their baptism, and their drinking the water of the rock that was Christ. Surely, because they drew back, they were consumed by calamity, by snakes, they were killed, snakes who served our God in the deaths of the unrighteous. By so  many means they were destroyed.


 When some Israelites considered equality with Moses and His cousin, God consumed their houses into the sand. Surely, when their was doubt as to their authority, God made Moses' Cousin's staff blossom. When Miriam and the other brought charges against Moses before God, she was struck down in sickness for accusing Moses of breaking the law with his foreign wife. Surely, when David got ordinary men to move the Arc of the Covenant, and not those ordained as Priests by God, did God not strike down one of them. Surely, was not the first King of Israel's crime, taking the Profit Samuel's place, by conducting the sacrifice himself, when indeed he had no authority to do so. Surely, Did not David say of Saul, that he would not lift a hand against the Lord's Anointed, and is not the position of authority in the church only heightened by what God testified through Paul, when he says that we should submit to governing authorities, and to those who are the shepherds of the flock, later when he talks of how "Shepherds" should be examples, not overlords of their flocks.


Surely, when Paul demands that the traditions he taught the Corinthians and so many others be upheld, whereby woman are to have the lower position in church (not be priests or bishops or popes), did he not show that there are structures and authority in the Holy church of God. Surely, was not this authority passed on. Yes, God said that His word would never fade, but his word is not constrained to the bible, if it were, then there'd be no word until it was compiled more than three hundred years after the death of Christ, (the new testament that is) who maintained his word without such a book. Peter did not invite the new converts to join a "Spiritual" brotherhood of believers, but a physical church, under his management, and leadership, under his Holy Shepherding.


 Yes, we are also a spiritual brotherhood, yet this is with the physical in mind. God created authority in this world, and we are to obey right authority. We are to obey the Holy, apostolic, Roman Catholic church, under the Holy, inspired guidance of St Peter's Successor, the Holy see (Holy seat - not the physical seat, but the authority) of Peter. Surely, if the disciples were to heed the unrighteous call of the hypocritical, truly corrupt Pharisees, because God ordained them, and as God does not take back His blessings - see how God prophesizes via the High Priest, that sacrificing one life for many is the thing to do (the Crucifixion), notice, how, while one must obey God above man, as we are shown when the Apostles are told not to Preach Jesus, we are to Obey those placed above us in accordance with the Will of God, so long as what they command is right, and Good, and not against righteousness, and God.


Surely, if as Peter and the Apostles testified, as in Acts, that the church is protected by God, from error, then we should all unite ourselves with the True Church of God.

On personal interpretations on the Will of God and Scripture, that are contrary to God's Church, or to Scripture!

Prayer to say after reading this article-

Both say these words, and mean them, but yourself into each of them, and truly place yourself before God. I assure you, they will be answered!


Surely, continue to lead me in your Grace,

Reveal to me the true truth about the Roman Catholic Church,

And let me obey my God, entirely in accordance with scripture,

And his divine will,

All this, I ask to do in Love,

Not considering myself above or below the true position granted me,

By my only True and worthy God,

Surely, do your will in your manner, in your time, in your place,

In your love,

In my life!

I ask this, all of this in the name of the Father,

The Son,

And the Holy Spirit,

In Jesus Name.


© 2007 Marc Aupiais

If any statement in this article contradicts any current, past or future Catholic Doctrine, it is to be discarded, as this was written with intention of relaying the true message of God, in accordance with His church, Holy Scriptures, Holy Tradition, and the will of our Devine master. I accept no liability for any claims here made, and state that any differences from Catholic Doctrine are unintentional, and that such variance is to be discounted. All here would ideally be interpreted with Church guided Conscience in mind.

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