2 Peter Chapter 1

"4Through these, the greatest and priceless promises have been lavished on us, that through them you should share the divine nature and escape the corruption rife in the world through disordered passion.

5With this in view, do your utmost to support your faith with goodness, goodness with understanding,

6understanding with self-control, self-control with perseverance, perseverance with devotion,

7devotion with kindness to the brothers, and kindness to the brothers with love.

8The possession and growth of these qualities will prevent your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ from being ineffectual or unproductive.

9But without them, a person is blind or short-sighted, forgetting how the sins of the past were washed away.

10Instead of this, brothers, never allow your choice or calling to waver; then there will be no danger of your stumbling,

11for in this way you will be given the generous gift of entry to the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. "

New American Bible


28 August 2007


2 Peter chapter 1

""21For no prophecy ever came from human initiative. When people spoke for God it was the Holy Spirit that moved them. "

New Jerusalem Bible


28 August 2007


1 Peter chapter 1 

"17And if you address as Father him who judges without favouritism according to each individual's deeds, live out the time of your exile here in reverent awe. "

New Jerusalem Bible http://www.catholic.org/bible/book.php?id=58 28 August 2007

"22Since by your obedience to the truth you have purified yourselves so that you can experience the genuine love of brothers, love each other intensely from the heart; "

New Jerusalem Bible http://www.catholic.org/bible/book.php?id=58 28 August 2007

Chapter 3

"21It is the baptism corresponding to this water which saves you now-not the washing off of physical dirt but the pledge of a good conscience given to God through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, "

New Jerusalem Bible http://www.catholic.org/bible/book.php?id=58&bible_chapter=3 28 August 2007

Chapter 5

"1I urge the elders among you, as a fellow-elder myself and a witness to the sufferings of Christ, and as one who is to have a share in the glory that is to be revealed:

2give a shepherd's care to the flock of God that is entrusted to you: watch over it, not simply as a duty but gladly, as God wants; not for sordid money, but because you are eager to do it.

3Do not lord it over the group which is in your charge, but be an example for the flock.

4When the chief shepherd appears, you will be given the unfading crown of glory.

5In the same way, younger people, be subject to the elders. Humility towards one another must be the garment you all wear constantly, because God opposes the proud but accords his favour to the humble.

6Bow down, then, before the power of God now, so that he may raise you up in due time;

7unload all your burden on to him, since he is concerned about you."

New Jerusalem Bible

http://www.catholic.org/bible/book.php?id=58&bible_chapter=5 28 August 2007