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The  Papacy

The Papacy is traceable back to St.Peter, and the authority he was given. 

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Holy Divine Church

The Bible (I Timothy 3 verse 15) calls the church the pillar and foundation of divine truth's meaning. Her teachings aid greatly, through 21 Ecumenical Councils (Councils where the entire United, Subservient Catholic church come together under the principle "My Peace I give You" and acts 15, to clarify the Gospel in the times), and her Excathedra truths (from (Peter's) "the" chair Acts 5 verse 4).


Meaning teaching, from Latin, see our page on the Catechism



Often called the shock troops of Mother church, the non-ordained members of the church are the front line of the gospel, and charged with educating their  peers about  Truth, and justice, and ensuring that this happens, by the Catholic belief, that no salvation,  or good is achieved in the world, apart from the direct and indirect working of the church, of those who obey  God as best they know how, and seek the truth in right extremity always. In that God is Truth.

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