We stood there, as he spoke to us,

Only we remember.

Only we were there, all other records are dead, or based on what we said.

As Empires fade, and nations split, as dawn does come, as life does shift.

Still constant, sti'il, sti'l waters hardly move.


The waters passed, the waters came. Life repeats, and spirals down.


Still constant, ever constant,

Never changing, never altered.


We were there, on that dear lake, he spoke to peter, rock his name,


You are Peter, and on this Peter,


Yes, on this peter he had built his church,


Rock never altered, the house of rock,


And on this Peter he built his church.


Truly, you did not lie,


We have not altered, have not moved.


Still, constant, devoid of change.


We have not altered, have not swayed,


'Cept to the music of your heart.


We have not altered,


We are one.


One bread, one body.


'till all else fades,


'till darknest covered every record, and written light, in you alone.


Come, now peace, come now teacher.


Come, ever constant rock you are.


First were christians, those who followed.


First were christians those who learnt.


Come now Peter,

Come, now church,


Hear your Teachings,

You, you shepherd,


Always, shepherd,


Though he showed you up,


Always shepherd, yet leader of all.


Come now Rock, come now Peter,


Come now church,


Take care of your sheep.


Marc Aupiais


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