Speak of love, my friend,

Will it prevail, will it shine, and conquer, and will armies bow in submission, fires roar?

Speak of love, my friend, that infallible force that conquers,

That submits empires, kills and destroys, yet cares for the weak.

Speak of love, that force that fights for justice and wars against disease.

Speak of the power to change, to conquer, to destroy death, turn empires to dust,

Speak, my friend, of weakness that is strength, of men who fight, yet without the sword,

For an empire, that will not fade, for life, by empathy, and care.

Tell of hospitals, and healthcare, of education, and kindness,

Speak of a hand to those in need, a shoulder for the dying,

An ear for the voiceless; a voice for the deaf to hear.

A warrior, whose weapon is to worry for others,


Speak, my friend, speak of love, that infallible force,

Whose worshipers live in peace, though war even now consumes nations,

Speak, my friend of Christianity, that force that Worships Love.


Marc Aupiais


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