Demographics of the South African Church

Catholic population

South Africa, has a 6% Catholic Population, in the Archdiocese of Johannessburg, where this raises to ten percent however, one in ten Catholics are the number to have been recorded attending mass over a few sundays in the diocese. The South African church has a need to ensure Catholics not only hold basic societal views, but also live their faith, are informed in it, and consider church and sacraments vital for salvation.


The previous Calvinistic in belief, Nationalist Party in South Africa saw the church as a threat. It was called the Roomse Gevaar. While the constitution forbids it, Catholics often face accusations, mockery, or misunderstanding from some groups themselves claiming to be Christian.

Sites of use in South Africa

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Sites from the hierarchy

South African Conference of Catholic Bishops 

Jesuits in South Africa

Opus Dei in South Africa 

Sites by Scripturelink



South African sites by Scripturelink

South African Catholic

News, information, apologetics, evangelism

Voters Guide

Scripturelink Voters Guide, covers politics, advises Catholics on Voting in South Africa.

Tridentine South and Southern Africa

 Set up to monitor Orthodoxy, the Latin Mass, and Tridentine movement in the church in Southern Africa


Tridentine Movement of the Church 

Social Justice South Africa

 Covering Social Justice issues, including human rights, and sometimes anti-catholic actions of those apposing or antagonistic to Mother Church.

Catholic watchdog South Africa

 Watching the environment around the church around the world, for opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses.

Chastity South Africa

 Promoting true sexuality, purity, and orthodoxy, as well as showing how to overcome sin.

Journey in a Broken World

 Catholic blog on other issues of note, and with theology.