Sola Scriptura ("Bible Alone"). The [first] objective [or formal] principle proclaims the canonical Scriptures, especially the New Testament, to be the only ... - 95k - Cached

Language Evolution

The bible tells us to hold fast to the faith we originally "heard and believed", not "read and believed". Furthermore, language evolves and developes. Fifty years ago, the word "gay" meant "merry" and "cheerful", in the modern sense, it means "one who has sexual relations with those of their own gender". If one studies modern greek, it is different from ancient greek, and will obviously have words with specific meanings to our time." Marc Aupiais


Catholic Answers: Library: Scripture & Tradition

SCRIPTURE & TRADITION. Tracts:. Apostolic Tradition (Fathers* ). Bible Translations Guide · Can Dogma Develop? Old Testament Canon (Fathers* ) ... - 26k - Cached

A Quick Ten-Step Refutation of Sola Scriptura (This Rock ...

Protestants defending sola scriptura will claim that Jesus and Paul accepted the authority of the Old Testament. This is true, but they also appealed to ... - 40k - Cached

Scripture and Tradition

But Evangelical and Fundamentalist Protestants, who place their confidence in Martin Luther’s theory of sola scriptura (Latin: "Scripture alone"), ... - 40k - Cached


Fundamentalists are wrong: The Bereans weren't advocates of sola scriptura. The Thessalonians were. - 40k - Cached

Salvation for Non-Christians Explained Sola Scriptura (This Rock ...

We must have a proper understanding of what the Church means when it teaches it is possible for non-Christians to be saved. - 44k - Cached

How to Explain Mary to a Sola Scriptura Protestant(This Rock ...

What do you do when a Protestant Christian challenges Catholic devotion to Mary as being excessive and distorted? - 38k - Cached

Going Beyond (This Rock: August 1992)

Why 1 Corinthians 4:6 can't be used to support sola scriptura. ... He asked how Catholics could deny that this verse teaches sola scriptura. ... - 36k - Cached

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Sola scriptura is the lens through which Protestants view all doctrinal questions. Learn how to help them replace the false lens of sola scriptura with the ... - 25k - Cached

Left Behind: Any Link with the Early Church (This Rock: November 2002)

Dispensationalism and Sola Scriptura Fail Newman's Test ... Nowhere in the record of the early church do we find sola scriptura being taught. ... - 41k - Cached

The Complex Relationship between Scripture and Tradition (This ...

Sola scriptura is understood in different ways among Protestants, but it is commonly taken to mean that the Bible contains all of the material needed to do ... - 41k - Cached


Their doctrine of sola scriptura combines the perspicuity of Scripture with the claim ... This is important for a discussion of sola scriptura because many ... - 30k - Cached

Letters (This Rock: March 1995)

The doctrine of sola scriptura is itself found nowhere in the Bible and is ... The heresy of sola scriptura has led to chaos in the Body of Christ. ... - 46k - Cached


THE Protestant doctrine of sola scriptura--that the Bible alone is a ... Not only does this observation undermine the doctrine of sola scriptura, ... - 53k - Cached

Catholics Need to Read Their Bibles (This Rock: February 2004)

The formal system of sola scriptura has failed abysmally. ... It’s good to reject sola scriptura and submit to the mind of the Church, but it is also good ... - 40k - Cached

THE WHITE MAN’S BURDEN (This Rock: October 1993)

First, I wanted to demonstrate that his arguments for sola scriptura can't withstand biblical and logical scrutiny. Second, he needed to be refuted because ... - 55k - Cached

Reviews (This Rock: November 2003)

Unfortunately, the authors work from a premise of sola scriptura (the ... In fact, the Protestant premise of sola scriptura is helpful to such activists. ... - 38k - Cached

"What's Your Authority?"

I mean the doctrine of sola scriptura is itself unbiblical. Please show me where the Bible claims such a status for itself." A Sufficient Rule of Faith? ... - 39k - Cached

Where Does the Authority Lie? (This Rock: September 2004)

His position is better dubbed solo scriptura rather than sola scriptura. Solo scriptura is really a sort of "me and my Bible" approach. ... - 38k - Cached

Catholic Questions: Apologetics Backward (This Rock: October ...

Have you ever heard of the doctrine of "Bible alone"— sola scriptura—being a part of Christian teaching before the time of the Reformation in the sixteenth ... - 43k - Cached

Catholic Answers: Seminar Topics

Jim exposes sola scriptura error and shows that "tradition" is not always a dirty word in the Bible. Where Did We Get the Bible? (Burnham) ... - 40k - Cached

Disunity on Essentials (This Rock: December 2003)

Protestants also disagree over sola scriptura. Aside from the fact that some Protestants (e.g., some Lutherans) are willing to concede that certain books ... - 38k - Cached

Cowan’s “Five Ways”: A Catholic Perspective (This Rock: October 2004)

As a result, presuppositionalists wed their methodology to the Protestant principle of sola scriptura. This opens their position to all the usual problems ... - 46k - Cached

Synod outline says Bible is source of Christian unity, bond with ...

"The idea of 'sola Scriptura' (Scripture alone) cannot exist in and of itself, because the Scriptures are related to the church, namely, to the one who ... - 48k - 3 May 2007 - Cached

Immaculate Conception and Assumption

Here, of course, we get into an entirely separate matter, the question of sola scriptura, or the Protestant "Bible only" theory. ... - 39k - Cached

"Come Out from under the Roman Catholic Church!" (This Rock ...

Wouldn’t this make sola scriptura useless for the bulk of the Church’s two ... Sola scriptura is logically impractical because each of the almost thirty ... - 44k - Cached

Catholic Answers: Karl's E-Letter

We know that sola scriptura and sola fide were wrong turns theologically and therefore intellectually, so it follows that they could not have been ... - 33k - Cached

Debating 101 (This Rock: July-August 2002)

There needs to be a specific proposition ("Scripture teaches sola scriptura," "Justification is a one-time event," "Christ gave Peter a special office among ... - 49k - Cached

Wrong Turn (This Rock: December 2005)

Adhering to the Protestant doctrine of sola scriptura, Warren writes that the Bible ... Sola scriptura, on the other hand, abstracts Christian doctrine—and ... - 43k - Cached

Reviews (This Rock: February 1990)

The weakness in Bowman's position is sola scriptura, and it becomes apparent when he ... Bowman is right, but, because of his sola scriptura position, ... - 45k - Cached

Dragnet (This Rock: October 1993)

The topic was sola scriptura, and we like to think our side had the better of the argument. ... Ask for "Does the Bible Teach Sola Scriptura?" ... - 37k - Cached

Contents (This Rock: September 2004)

A Quick Ten-Step Refutation of Sola Scriptura. The author goes through ten of the most common stumbling blocks when it comes to discussing "Bible alone" ... - 30k - Cached


... as the principium materiale of Protestantism, deserves to be placed side by side with the doctrine of Sola-Scriptura ("Bible alone", with the exclusion ... - 71k - Cached

Contents (This Rock: April 1999)

Some Practical Problems of Sola Scriptura. In order for their position to be a true one, proponents of sola scriptura face some insurmountable practical ... - 29k - Cached

Contents (This Rock: March 1997)

WHY THE BEREANS REJECTED SOLA SCRIPTURA. Fundamentalists are wrong: The Bereans weren't advocates of sola scriptura. The Thessalonians were. By STEVE RAY ... - 29k - Cached


The issue we discussed was sola scriptura. Frustrated that he couldn't find one clear verse in the Bible to support his contention, he left in a huff. ... - 45k - Cached


A week after my first call, I found myself sitting at Pastor Art Maricle’s desk for three-and-one-half hours as we went toe-to-toe on Mary, sola scriptura, ... - 43k - Cached


Sola Scriptura is the Achilles' heel of Protestantism. Protestants claim that all truth binding on Christians must be found in the Bible. ... - 43k - Cached

Reviews (This Rock: 0009)

But the folks around him are hard-core, Bible-toting, sola scriptura Protestants who have no ... They articulate forcefully sola scriptura Christianity. ... - 43k - Cached

Letters (This Rock: March 1998)

It has been very disillusioning to find that the very people who proclaim sola scriptura recoil at our views because they don't square with the "traditional ... - 46k - Cached