Church Authority
Luke 8 v 10 – Church given knowledge
Luke 8 v 16- Church Visible Body
Luke 8 V 21- Church active, do His work
Luke 9 – Church given authority
Luke 9 v 46-50- Church a servant
Luke 10 v 8-16- Reject church, reject God
Luke 11 v 14-28- Church will be apposed
Luke 11 v 37-57 – Service is to God, not man
John 5 v 36-40- Scriptures testified, yet weren’t believed about Jesus, as with Church
John 6 – Eucharist instituted
John 8 v 42-47- Church will be apposed by evil people.
John 11 v 45-57- We will be persecuted as Christ was
John 11 v 51- Position used by God (such as pope), no matter how worthy or unworthy the man.
Acts 1 v 20 – Apostles’ needed to be succeeded
Acts 15 v 19,22-30- Church protected by Holy Spirit in its own decisions
Acts 10 v 9-23,34- Church consists of all peoples
Acts 2 v 40-44- Tradition to be followed!
Acts 5 v 4 – Church speaks with God’s authority
Acts 12 v 1-19- Church protected and maintained as promised
Acts 12 v 21-24- God punishes those who falsely claim Godly authority, unlike Peter, who he supported.
Acts 13 v 1-3- People in positions of power to be anointed, by placing of hands ( of those in power)
Acts 16 v 25 -37- Belief leads to salvation, faithful are protected.
Romans 13- We must submit ourselves to the Roman Catholic Church
Romans 14- We must not judge those who are too weak too understand all, yet follow Christ
1 Corinthians 4 v 1- Church entrusted with secret things of God
1 Corinthians 4 v 19-20- Personal interpretation futile
1 Corinthians 5- Excommunication is biblical
1 Corinthians 11 v 27, 28, 31-33- Eucharist is to be respected
1 Corinthians 34- Not all is written in the bible
Obedience to teachings of apostles
Luke1 v 4- Scripture is from Tradition
Acts 10 v 9-22- Apostles were ordered contrary to human interpretation of scripture
James 3- Teachers vital, and judged harsher
Ephesians 1 v 11-15- God Controls everything, including who he Chooses for What, all is pre-planned by him, and the church keeps his word, as he controls the church.
I Corinthians 4 v1, v6-8- Traditions cannot contradict scripture
Matthew 16 v 13-19- Church to interpret Scripture
2Timothy4 6-8,17-18- Church kept safe, and gives true message
Mt 16 v18- Church constant and protected from the birth of Christ to the end of the world, therefore, the scripture, which the church declares true will also endure
Mark 9 v 38-43, 47-48- Let others preach, all get their reward for their deeds, cause sin, and your punishment is harsher
Psalm 32 v 4-7,12-13,20,22- Scripture is all true, and to be trusted, along with all God does and his promises, yet this is because God is great.
Three legged stool
God protects all three authorities- Scripture, Church, and Tradition, maintaining them always.
1John 5 v1-9- He who loves knows God, he who obeys God loves, he who believes and loves- overcomes the world, and is protected by God, The church believes in and obeys God, and as his body, is protected by God from evil, it is therefore safe to rely on, for it is actually reliance on God.
John 1 v 29- God purifies his church, and takes away her sins.
Luke 24 v 35-48- Church is a true witness, that is Her job, even though her members are capable of sinning, or doubt
1John 2 v 1-5- Church right in demanding that God be obeyed, as only those who obey know God
1john 3 v 1-2- Church is children of God, yet is not acknowledged because the world did not acknowledge Jesus either
John 15 v 9-17- Commands there to keep us in God’s salvation, We were chosen by God,
Luke 12 v 13-21- Our security is in God, together and separately as his church
Because of all of this, we can be sure that the God who protects us, protects the church, which in turn maintains scripture and tradition, and interprets them- putting an end to all human arguments, which are based only on the fears and ways of the world, and not on the strength of God, who protects his three legged stool for God protects all three authorities- Scripture, Church, and Tradition, maintaining them always.
Thank you
Thank you for your time and respect. You have our prayers as you continue to learn of and in God, our most Glorious father, and Jesus his chosen son, and redeemer of the world.
God bless, and please put what we have said to use, and obey the righteous teaching of the church, attending the Catholic church as God’s true church, even as you respect the choice of others.
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