While some scriptures, and quotes are very closed on the possibility of salvation outside the appearance of the church, Romans chapter 1 and proverbs chapter two show a salvation which depends on our response to the things we are given by God. There is no salvation apart from Christ, because even that salvation "outside" the apparent boundaries of the Catholic faith is via him, and his church.

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(Note: while our own article deals with the possibility of protestant salvation, this is via the more general doctrine of Baptism of Desire, explicitly stated in Lumen Gentium XVI, whereby all who truly filfull the requrement listed in ccc 1260 below, as it quotes such indirectly, may gain salvation, this, as we show- could and perhaps often includes protestants- Note by Marc Aupiais- 2008)

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"Every man who is ignorant of the gospel of Christ and of his Church but seeks the truth and does the will of God in accordance with his understanding of it can be saved. It may be supposed that such persons would have desired baptism explicitly if they had known its necessity (CCC 1260)."


With some extremists proclaiming otherwise, this has often been an issue of worry for me, yet does or doesn't the church preach salvation for protestants?

Catholics allow for alot of people to be saved


The truth is, that the church even allows for non-christians to be saved. Many Greek philosophers before Christ are considered "saved" and christian and in heaven from what I can see. This "for their persuit of reason".


I don't claim to speak on the church's behalf (for the church), rather, if we see the doctrine of church and bible, no one is ever seemingly condemned for not knowing the full truth, rather, many apparently recieve baptism of desire or marterdom. Rather, doubt is an active denial of Christ and God. Those who do not know fully are judged by their conscience and thoughts and therefore act accordingly.

Christ only way


Yes, it is only via the church that we gain salvation. Whether we only have the bible, an earlier catholic work, or the first seven or so councils, as the Greeks do, or if we have the bible, many full traditions (the greeks also seem to have these) and the full 21 councils of the Holy church, it is still the products of Catholicism.


Extra ecclesiam, nulla salus.

Extra ecclesiam, nulla salus  ( outside the church there is no salvation ) is therefore still held true. As it is still via the catholic church that salvation is gained, even though the separated brethren (Protestant Christians) do not have the full truth, they still may be saved via the products, and therefore via the catholic church.


Jesus has other sheep in the flock

"I have other sheep, that are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will heed my voice. So there shall be one flock, one shepherd" (John 10:16).

This verses is refering at the time to the Gentiles, yet can also apply to Protestant Christians in the modern age.


If rebellion, then unwitting

While those who know the truth about the Roman Catholic Church, and openly rebel against it and apose it, are a different matter, even if it is not the Fullness of Christianity, even if it is not the perfect church, these people still create divitions among brothers, and are therefore in grave danger biblically. Any who God has called and determined to worship him amoung the other sheep, is still called by God none the less. If they Believe that Jesus is the son of God, who rose from the dead, and that he is God. If these people love as Christ commanded, then surely, they are on their way to salvation.



Kindstuff salvation

We accept no liability for any statements here given. They must be recieved only with informed conscience, and church teaching in mind. Any differences from catholic doctrine are unintentional. If this article differs from Roman Catholic doctrine, the doctrine in question should be taken as more authoritive than this article.

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Protestants and salvation