A letter i sent to some of my Protestant Friends at Honeyridge Baptist Church, after I left - Why'm I catholic Article (there may be spelling mistakes, or other errors, as it is a personal letter, supporting Catholicism, however, it is generally beneficial, and most if not all proofs should be entirely valid)

to see parts of it, Go to Truth Shown True, or Scriptural proofs of Catholicism.

Letter to friends at HoneyRidge Baptist Church

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Letters to all who hear:

Talking to the Apostles - Some verses in the Bible on the catholic Authority and mission

Reconciliation - An Ultimate gift

Separated Brethren .


Letters to church officials, and replies



Tell us if there are any inconsistencies, though there don't as yet appear to be any. sanlameer@gmail.com


External Biblical proofs of the Faith, as well as a good church resource


While we are fully in support of all Christian religeon, believing that despite the divisions inherent, and the terrible way in which many such religions started, and acknowledge, that in the past, divisions have resulted in wars and confusion and deaths. None the less, we do believe that Catholicism does need fair representation. While we try to be unbiased, we cannot guarentee that all the sites we link to will be entirely so, use your own discernment, and before you consider reading below  my email address, please pray to God, to see if he actually wants you to view such proofs, and pray also for protection and discernment. I start my own debate at such with such a prayer, to protect you if and when I myself made errors, or if I am entirely wrong in my newfound knowledge. None the less, even if I am wrong, God uses all for good, and only I shall be punished, yet such wrongness seems impossible, both to me and to my conscience, so use discernment with these sites, and though they may be convincing, remember that words are but words, validate every statement with your conscience, bible and with Prayer.


God Bless, and please pray to see if you must even see these proofs, for knowing that the Church is justified and rejecting it is entirely different from doing so for ignorance. I would also like to state that the Vatican clearly calls protestants our separated brethren, and that I personally firmly believe in their salvation. This also is not to judge others, but to look within yourself. I plan not to convince through this, or through my own website, but only show some of the basis for the catholic standpoint.



The following are external links from sites we have viewed, we by no means indorse the sites (or all of them) as yet, as we are still unsure of cirtain ones. Tell us if there are any inconsistencies, though there don't as yet appear to be any. sanlameer@gmail.com


God Bless.




To see Catholic Answers' view on the church being the one true church, click here



Scripture-catholic (we are still investigating this site, check the facts up with the vatican, bible or other catholic sites, such as this official site )


Visible Church - One Church

  1. Peter is the Rock on which the Church is Built
  2. The Church is called “Catholic”
  3. The Church is Indefectible
  4. The Church’s Ecumenical Councils are Infallible
  5. The Church is Hierarchical (Bishops, Priests and Deacons)
  6. The Church is Visible and One


  1. Peter is the Rock on which the Church is Built
  2. Peter has the Keys of Authority over the Earthly Kingdom, the Church
  3. Peter's Keys and Papal Succession
  4. The Church is Infallible and Supernatural
  5. The Church is Visible and One
  6. The Church is Hierarchical
  7. Controversies in the Church