Not Just a Good Moral Teacher 

However, if he was just a prophet, why does he say that he is Devine, and if he is not Devine, then is not such a statement heresy, or blasphemy? In fact, Jesus must either be Christ, or something I shall not say, or else, a liar and sinner, or a madman, who belongs in a lunatic asylum, yet he is recorded as having spoken in a very sane way. And, would a liar go to his death for such a cause, as righteousness. Also, if he was a fraud, why die for your beliefs, and why would a moral teacher predict his own death on a cross and resurrection so many times before his death, and why would five hundred people believe they’d seen him?


Yet, calling himself God, rules out him as a prophet, as no Prophet who was merely a Prophet, would claim to be God, but he was a Prophet, who was God, as his prophesies have all come true, most notably that of the fate of the temple. Prophets whose prophesies come true, were considered of God, those whose Prophesies did not come true, were to be killed, by Israel, for claiming to be Prophets.