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Always Know I love you

Always know I love you, Always know I care, I will never leave you, no matter the situation, my dear. Even when it’s dark and the night is fading away, even when you’re hungry, and it seems that nobody’s there. Don’t seek after worldly things, don’t you think I can give you safety, food and friends. Don’t search for them or money, least you lose me in the deal.

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The truth Is Simple

The truth is simple, the only truth one knows for sure,Light, God came into the world, in the flesh, as (Jeshua Christos, Jesu,) Christ Jesus, (read on at

Anyone ever

"anyone ever asked you the question,

"are you saved?""


Wondered why they think you know what it means, or why they're talking to you?

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Our father, who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name,

Thy kingdom come,

Thy will be done,

Gospel Compilation

 We can obey God, and stop our destructive life patterns that lead only to death and hell, and be purified of sin, by a process called justification. At baptism, we are cleared of our offenses, and after this, God disciplins, and moulds us, and we pray for him to continue to purify us, untill finally we are justified. If we sin, we have an advocate with the Father (Jesus Christ), and need only confess our sins and if demanded, do penance. The core of it, is that we are freed. We are forgiven, yes, we gain a father, for children do only what they learn from their parents, and we learn to become righteous, yet, in All, we gain life, eternal life, as we bare our own crosses daily, and love even enemies for the sake of Him who died in our place.

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