Here, I give but my humble, very human oppinion. This is my own view, my own truth, the speaking of my own heart.

I ask only that you do the same and likewise, follow your own heart as you hear these words. Do not condemn them, nor praise them too quickly, but let them permiate, let them enter you and become you, or ignore them entirely, but in the least, give them thought.


A fanatic is closed, not from opposition, but reason and truth.


Christianity is based on truth, and the enemy of Fanaticism. We are to hold firm to the truth, that truth planted in our hearts, that unquenchable reality, that became our souls, when we first heard the True, and Godly, Good News, which is Gospel, in greek.


We do not blindly follow, rather, we admit what is obvious to all from birth, which needs active doubt, and fanatical thought to deny. No creation theory, notice my use of words, for we, as man can never truly know anything without Devine aid, can work without the aid of a Supreme, devine being, or the absolute abolishment of the laws of science, and pursuit of fairytales, and ideas needing more faith than Christ ever demanded, or perhaps I should use the word credence, for Faith refers to belief in God, based on His authority, and character, which Is the source, the fullness and the all, of all that is True, all that is Reason, all that is Order, all that is Peace, and all that Is, truly Love.


Faith, that form of it, based, not On God's authority, but blind following of assumption, of what we ourselves decide, is not Faith. Faith, is Faith, based in Love, based on soundness, on truth. Truth cannot contradict truth, the world itself, logic itself relays the salvation message. The complexity, the very untouchable fragile substance of our security, of our ever breakable world, is proof enough that there must be a Creature guiding it, a creature who created science, who created time itself.


Nature does not relate well to change, it apposes it, just as inertia does, when science shows his face. It took many changes, according to science to come to the stage we are at. imagine the changes needed by evolution, the countless miracles needed to just the right amount, in order to create our complex eccosystems, that collapse, if just one species grows too much, or another one dies out. I am not supporting, nor apposing the popular view of evolution in this article today, rather, as the creationist state (these I do appose), evolution is not possible, in normal science, and logic shows that if nature reacts so drastically to change, even today, then it could not have been easier on an even more unfriendly planet, as with the one science, and archeology uncovers daily. This is not to give credence to any other theory, but rather to demonstrate, that the systems here put, by God, could not have simply appeared, or risen, but had to be carefully crafted, and placed apon the earth in perfect harmony. Any deviance, and we'd have no world, any accident, and there'd be no life.


I am not talking about what I intended to, and apologise for that, but somehow, I know you will bare with me in such.


We have undenyable proof of God's love for us, both in the absolute care he takes, in maintaning life, and the universe daily, and showing infinate miracles in all he quietly, orderly does, and in his sending His son to die. His Son, who He sent, was himself, not another, He was present in the incarnation, in Fact, the incarnation was God, God, who in the form of Man, yet fully god, and fully man, came down from heaven and preached to us men. His word were the freedom of truth. His words, also will comdemn those who reject Him, when judgement comes, yet it is not his words that prove The Father's Love for us. Words without love, without deeds, are but words, empty and worthless, often, as sure as the mouth that uttered them. Rather, it is what He did, that showed his love for us, that we can base our credence, our Faith on God.


Without the cross, we have no reason to trust our faith, it is the proof, the undenyable (may I add) proof, that God truly does love us, Love Him who died for us.


God, creator, ruler of all, our very manufacturer, higher, better, purer, above us on all levels, comes down from his safehaven, knowing that he will have to die, Knowing that he will not be glorified by those he was sent to, knowing that the people he chose, would reject Him, and that those he predestined (ordained before all time) to believe the message of, the love of his son, would be treated by all around with such great contempt. It reminds me of a story of a mother and her child. The child was sick, even dying, and the only thing to help her was painful. The mother stuck next to her, while praying to God, telling Him what a terrible mother she was. God replied that she was a great mother for healing her child, for watching the pain the child could not comprehend, and allowing it, despite the utter pain in her heart, because it was good for her child. This is how God must have seen his death, such pain, pain so bad, that survivors of similar pain would kill themselves for it, and worse, humanity, his beloved, those he came to die for, were killing Him, as he readily accepted the pain, and betrayal, like a gift from mankind. Imagine the spear that entered the heart of His mother (Mary), that afternoon, as the earth shook, and the skies went dark, and the curtain ripped around her, as she watched her Son, her God, her Protector, dying before her. Jesus turned to John as he was Dying, as he turns to all of us, and told him that Mary was his mother, and said to Mary, that John (and us), were to be her Son. Even in such anquish he cared for us, his church, and Honoured greatly, his dearest of mothers.


It is these records, which could stand in court, which are undenyably true, that we base our love of God on, and the record of the True Christians, at your work, your school, your local fire department, that demonstrate God's absolute Love for us.


Next time, one of His children give you mercy without cause, or choose not to harm you when you have hurt them, or even stand against you, their friend, for the sake of what is right, remember this love I speak of. Remember that God sends his children out, writing again, in flesh, and blood- the message of his son. It is this, God's constant support, and answer to our every need, and to the prayers we pray, in the depths of our souls, which he answers, for We (Christians) are his, that we base our faith on.


It is the basis of truth and reason, and logic itself that we battle endless waves apon. It via the living, Bible, The True, and Holy Church of our God, both the Catholic church, and all her acts, that show this wonderful God.


Fanatism is not Christian, we base our faith on the power of God, and His unmistakable nature, when we say that Christ, God in the flesh, not only died for us, but also took up the life, along with the Glory He'd lost, when he rose physically, three days later, and spent forty days conversing with the saints, before rising again to the hights of hight, and kingdom apon kingdom, as he countinues to work for the betterment of all. Us especially.


Therefore, rely on your Gut, if God speaks to you through it, rely on the word He planted inside your heart and soul, and hear the voice of reason within, and trust the True God of all, and His servant, the Catholic church, and turn utterly to Him who loves you, yet remember that God is a God of love, and obediance to Him, is through acts of love.

Marc Aupiais

Copyright 2007- Marc Aupiais - All Rights Strictly Reserved



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