The Gospel, that message of truth, when told, from loving lips, from a truthful tongue, knowing freedom, is the greatest message imaginable.


While the fact of salvation through, and of the church, yet past her visible boundaries (Lumen Gentium XVI) is more than apparent, her power saved and saves and will save, all who ever enter salvation.


She is the pillar and foundation of the Gospel, and this Gospel, is her realm, and responisbility.

Her job is to administer miracles, sacraments as we know them, based on the Roman ceremony of the sacramentum, in which the roman legionary would (based on emperor Augustus' degree) swear alliegence to his commander for life, and in return gain protection.

Thus, the Catholic is saved by the sacrament, which saves him from corruption, so that he is healed from his slavery to sin, and able to obey the Law- "Treat others with love, do to them, as you would have done to you".

Further, the death sentence is lifted, and he is free to obey God, who is reality itself and truth. Here, he shall spend happy eternal existence, with existence, who is God.

(Marc Evan Aupiais, on the 19 day of the 3rd month of 2008)

Copyright 2008. Marc Aupiais. All Rights Strictly Reserved.


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"It is not doctrine, or assumptions, or words, that we preach, when we speak of this Jesus, who we True Christians believe, is not only the Encarnation of God, but also his Son. "

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Against Neo-Pagaganism

such as-

Wicca, Druidism, Asatru, and Goddess Worship


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