God testified to Cornelius.


God told all the world.


This of the foundation, the rock on which his church was built.


Though they understood science, and the weather, could determine,

They ignored the signs, the ones you could not,


They followed the written, but ignored the author of us all.

 Jesus, yes Jesus himself said to him in reply,

That it was God, not flesh and blood that revealed such truth.


Indeed, you are blessed beyond belief.

Apostle, witness and slave of your dear faith.



And as you sat there in the boat. A fisherman, turned fisher of men.


As you sat there, you put on your robe,


And swam out to him who we've all betrayed.


You stood by Him, he was cooking fish.


You waited, your heart breaking with love and shame.


"Do you love me?" he showed you up.


Both your previous sureness, and your love.


More than any your heart replied. I love you, I need you, your inners cried.


"You know I like you", your voice almost denied.


As you stood there, weeping inside your heart,


Eyes downcast, weak in spirit.


He'd died that night, and come to life.


You know I like you, you said three times.


Three times accepted for three times denied.


You know I like you, so he gave you his sheep.


A good shepherd, you died also for us.


And we follow you too.


The rock, we follow,  the rock


The rock, we obey,


Whether you or your successor.


The privilege remains.


Shepherd of the people,


Take care of His sheep.




Marc Aupiais




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