Death conquered today.

Light was defeated by darkness.

Fairness, justice, well, they’re dead too.

Illusion, the world condemned its creator.

Death was his servants’ sentence.



Today, music died,

The innocent were killed,

Death conquered life,

Today, the judge took the bribe,

The guilty walked free,

And the honest was called a liar,

The good, was named evil,

And all they’d done was forgotten to follow delusion,


Today, I am sad to say, love faded,

Empathy lost, people hardly cried,

Democracy crumbles, aid denied,

Today, I am sad to say, justice was not done,

And its victims were oppressed, though also dead,



Today, I must report, nations war,

Countries bout,

And missiles are launched against the innocent,

Today, I must report, we have been condemned to misadventure, disaster funding, chaos found,


Today, it is my duty to say, love lost, as suicide ruled,

And night did not turn to day,

Today, breakfast was not a word, lunch, what is that,

Today, meals are denied, prisoners are starved and killed,

Justice, undone,


Today, God was patient,

Yet soon, it will be called to count,

Repent my sinful world, repent, my individual friend,

For here comes the almighty, active floodwater,

Fear, you proud, the mountain falls, floods come, death avenger, darkness crumble!

Hear, oh God, hear your servant victim call, here, for Justice was murdered today!


Marc Aupiais


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