We need not remind you that we are a Lay site, yet even so, we try to best aid the faith of God. Obeying his church which is the pillar and foundation of truth. We shy not from the harsher promises of God, and know that Catholicism is absolutely necessary in our world, and the maintainer of truth. This section of this site covers both our own and others views and comments on issues.


""Prophet / Liar / Fraud / Madman / Son of God?


However, if he was just a prophet, why does he say that he is Divine, and if he is not Divine, then is not such a statement heresy, or blasphemy? In fact, Jesus must either be Christ, or something I shall not say, or else, a liar and sinner, or a madman, who belongs in a lunatic asylum, yet he is recorded as having spoken in a very sane way. And, would a liar go to his death for such a cause, as righteousness. Also, if he was a fraud, why die for your beliefs, and why would a moral teacher predict his own death on a cross and resurrection so many times before his death, and why would five hundred people believe they’d seen him?


Yet, calling himself God, rules out him as a prophet, as no Prophet who was merely a Prophet, would claim to be God, but he was a Prophet, who was God, as his prophesies have all come true, most notably that of the fate of the temple. Prophets whose prophesies come true, were considered of God, those whose Prophesies did not come true, were to be killed, by Israel, for claiming to be Prophets." from kindstuff.scripturelink.net/1.doc" - formated for readability- see http://search.scripturelink.net/isn't



In combat of Heresy


On the heresies of Chick publishers, I’d like to site the exact prophesy they do.


And say that the Vatican is not a huge trading post, that it has had more than seven popes in 2 millennia, that it, by the authority of God, in about 300, compiled the bible, this book, which protestants site as Divine, surely, did not have pagan beginnings, and if the bible is not compiled by Christians, then surely, Christians would be stupid to follow it, and that before the eleventh century, that there was but one church, and their attacks go right back to original, early Christianity."kindstuff.scripturelink.net/1.doc" my statements on http://kindstuff.scripturelink.net  altered spelling, p.s. wrote this before reverting to fullness of Faith.



Books of Note

Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis

Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis is one of the most powerful books I have ever seen. C.S. Lewis, is one of the Wisest Christians I know of, He is not a Roman Catholic, none the less, his persuit of reason, and his endless benificial works merit it and his Narnia Series, and all he wrote after converting, as more than benificial. Personally, I see God's hand in his life. This particular book aids greatly in proving the Faith of the Truest, Only and True God.


Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth - by This Rock Magazine (http://www.catholic.com)

Endlessly useful apologetics in proving Catholicism. To see an online version, vistit the following link : Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth.

Elegy to history

Elegy to Arianism

Elegy to St. Peter

Death Conquered

Poems to Truth

To the Eternal church

Speak of Love

Always Know 


Mereness of Truth

"Likewise, it seems, that everyone in the world knows what is right and what is wrong. There would be no need to excuse behaviour otherwise, and without a moral grounding, why would most languages have a word for adultery. Why would we compliment some, and deny compliment to others, unless there was some or other unwritten law, which we and all others follow. A law, not of instinct, for it often requires the resisting of instinct. A law, that allows propoganda to work, and a law that makes us determine that one society, person, ideal or standard is more moral, more acceptable, or simply more appealing." http://search.scripturelink.net/meernessoftruth


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See  Truth, is the Basis Of Christianity


Watering Down Catholicism

One of the reasons I have stayed catholic is that other faiths simply pick and choose what they want to follow, what justifies them, while rejecting what condemns them. All are right in their own eyes. Luther's five sola's of Protestantism simply prove this.


However, experiencing a terrible case within an interdenominational group to which I have in the past subscribed, whereby those of the "new" faiths, who are originally covered in this article, have been trying to present their own view as Christian, an not simply their perspective, as it indeed is and indoctrinate other groups, even sending their own to preach and breaking unwritten rules. I have chosen rather to show the standing of secure, true, Catholic faith. >READ ON>> Planning on possible article





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I once attended a baptist church. Obviously, I found things I liked there at the time. It was only God's will that caused me otherwise. This is a (link to) letter I sent to some of my closer friends (though not all of them) there, after I left, unfortunately, the friends were not interested in my words, or understanding, and even today quote their leaders out of context. The above mentioned group was taken over by baptists, and I was kicked out for complaining about a video shown at the group, which is even perhaps heresy in Orthodox faith. Please be cautious about those proclaiming such, those I knew, seemed to think it right to believe the Pope as the anti-christ, and me as mislead, especially those who adhere to five point calvinism.

To friends at A church I once attended


Supporting the need for rebirth in the right of baptism. In opposition to some beliefs otherwise


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We as scripturelink attempt to obey the catholic church

here is an article on such

Why I'm catholic



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Islam- our take 

Islam, according to muslims, means peace, or submission to God.

Yet, some would point out " that While Arabic and Hebrew are related languages, not everything based on the s-l-m root means peace. Indeed, the normal meaning of islam is submission. To the extent that it signifies peace, it indicates the peace that exists when one party is in submission to another, not the friendly peace that exists between equals. " http://www.catholic.com/thisrock/2002/0210bt.asp

"In actuality, the normal Arabic word for peace is an s-l-m derivative, but it is not islam. It's the word I used the night before 9/11 as a gesture of Christian and American goodwill to the Yemeni clerk: salaam. " http://www.catholic.com/thisrock/2002/0210bt.asp

It is one of the greatest religions in history, only Catholicism beats it in size, and in age there are few contenders to this religion, cept catholicism (islam is estimated to have formed between 500 and 700 AD, Catholicism, depending on how you judge it, either formed 6 BC, 0 Ad, 29 Ad, 33 Ad, or 300 or so AD)


The Great and Enduring Heresy of Mohammed Catholic.com article (use own discretion)

Search on Mohammad Marc Aupiais search

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Mohammed and Mohammedanism (Islam)


An Arabic word which, since Mohammed's time, has acquired a religious and technical significance denoting the religion of Mohammed and of the Koran, ...

The Catechism on Islam (This Rock: July-August 2002)

In the wake of 9/11 it has become more important than ever that Catholics have an accurate view of Islam. A starting point, though not the ending point, ...
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Teaching Catholic Children about Islam - Catholic Online

My Muslim Friend: A Young Catholic Learns About Islam (Pauline Books and Media, November, 2006, hardcover, 48 pages) shares the story of two young girls and ...
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Peace and Violence in religion (Catholic.com_ Use own discretion)


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