Always know I love you, Always know I care, I will never leave you, no matter the situation, my dear. Even when it’s dark and the night is fading away, even when you’re hungry, and it seems that nobody’s there.


Don’t seek after worldly things, don’t you think I can give you safety, food and friends. Don’t search for them or money, least you lose me in the deal. Surely don’t commit adultery with them, least you become far from me and claim I’m the one who left.


 Surely if you don’t have your desires or your worldly cares, do you think I’d hand you heroine or a car you could not drive. Be patient, I’ll satisfy your heart, go placidly into a dark world, can you make anything change by rushing, or being but a minute earlier when you’re already late.


Take care my child, my only care, don’t you think I’ll take care of you, you who are only my beloved wife. You can’t secure yourself with money, nations around you change and fall and the world itself will rust away. Don’t rely on anything but me, even loyal friends could die or fade away, marriages end, haven’t you seen the courts made for divorce or the wrecks of friendships in the air.


 Do you really think you can secure yourself, are you not copying Adam and trying to take my place, don’t you need your God in your life. Yet, as you do all these things, remember still, it pleases me when you work, did I not design your hands for such, but in all you do, worship me, not the false god of money, or branded designs.


And for the matter of your future life-

Can I not, I who planned your every inch and mold you as you sleep, Can I not find the right career for you and better choose your friends. I placed mosquito repellant on you to keep the wrong sort away, so surely don’t cover it up or search them out anyway. I’ll supply your friends when the time is right. Every perfect gift is from above, and defying me only brings hardship, surely don’t play with porcupines. Obey my commands; they aren’t there to hurt you. Surely, are they not more perfect than any self help book? Look at your life, use the mirror of my Law, are not all your problems originated in what is called sin, aren’t they the drug that denies you your rest, and causes this spiral of hardship only to grow.


My laws are perfect, the key to them love, don’t you want the cure to the slavery of sin. And as for your wife, or husband if you’re female, did I not make you to be with each other? Am I who sustains the earth and controls your heartbeat, am I unable to find the perfect match for you? Surely, left on your own, would you find anything but heartbreak and lies, surely apart from me, on what can you rely? Are not your dating ideals far from the truth? Will you still like that person eighty years from now, even as you both change with every breath that you take, could you keep it together and weave through life’s troubled seas without Him who controls them- planning for the two of you, together to stay.


In all you do, try not to worry, can it add even a moment to your life, doesn’t it take much of your happiness away. My plans are to prosper you, surely, you are mine, you’ve been mine since before you were born, so do not worry, focus what I desire, on what I want you to do, surely, would I punish you for that?


Say what you mean, do not lie and deceive, do you truly have the energy or memory to remember who knows which lie? Can you, a mere man hold down the truth, are you more powerful than the nature of what I created, will I not rebuke you for lying, my dear child.


And surely, and truly, in your trials, thank me for them, did I not place them there to grow you, and make you better for later life, didn’t I place them to humble you, and teach you to be patient.


Come my child, follow me, for there is no darkness in God, and in truth you have nothing to fear, for as long as you stay in me, surely, I’ll do all I wrote to you, but read the Bible, it is your map, but I am your guide!





Written about God, by a man, in the hope that through my walk with him,

That you may better understand, I pray only that my trials, and

Lessons, hard earned as a learner of God

Will give you peace and Comfort as you come to trust in Him

I only hope I haven’t harmed you by writing in the manner I did

Marc Evan Aupiais

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Copyright 2006, Marc Aupiais,

All Rights reserved!